Monday, June 19, 2017

Remembering the Lunch Boxes of Our Youth

Back in the day, there was nothing worse than seeing summer vacation come to an end. Homework was around the corner; no more forts in the backyard; no more sleeping late; starting a new year in a new class...I am getting anxiety just thinking about it now 30 years later.

Back to School shopping was the one thing that made the end of the summer just a little bit more tolerable and one highlight of back-to-school shopping for me was being able to get that new lunch box/thermos combination for the coming year. Lunch boxes were very important accessories back then. A little bit of your personality was on display with the lunch box you chose to proudly carry your ham sandwich and Capri Sun in to school everyday and there were plenty to chose from.

I consider the 70's and 80's as the golden period of school lunch boxes primarily because that is the period I grew up in. I recently did a little searching for some of the more interesting and memorable lunch boxes from this period. Below is a little sample of what I was able to find and here is a much larger collection on ystryr. How many of these did you or a sibling own?

(click on an image to find out more information and related images on ystryr)

1979 - Star Wars Lunch Box

1983 - Pac-Man Lunch Box

1985 - Goonies Lunch Box

1981 - The Fox and the Hound Lunch Box

1986 - ALF Lunch Box

1983 - Smurfs Lunch Box

1983 - E.T. Lunch Box

Which lunch box from your youth was your favorite? Leave a comment below and tell us and be sure to share your favorites with your ystryr friends.

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