Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Remembering All the Foods You Can't Buy Anymore

It's funny how time passes and things change without us noticing. As a kid, you take everything around you for granted and assume they will always be there. Then your life gets busier and you pay a little less attention to things. Fast forward 20 years and many of those things you took for granted as a youth are no longer available, but you may not know that because you haven’t thought them in years.

This is where ystryr jumps in. We help you re-discover the things you forgot you forgot. Yes, that statement is a bit circular, but it is true. We bring back the sights and sounds that were so prevalent in our formative years, but have been replaced in our recollection over the years by more recent and specific memories. These are the memories you won’t find using a keyword. These are memories you need to be reminded of.

Today’s collection of distant memories focuses on the food of our youth. Our “Food” category has really taken off of late with hundreds of images and videos of foods you can’t get anymore added already. It may even surprise you that some of these aren’t available anymore.
Here are a few examples of these foods:

jell-o pudding pops
Jell-O Pudding Pops

cheese tid-bit
Cheese Tid-Bit

Micro Magic Microwavable Meals

Ecto Cooler Hi-C

For many more, head on over to ystryr and start remembering today!

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